Study MSc International Logistics

    Specialise in International Logisitics

Within a number of the world’s largest economies, approximately one person out of every eight is employed in the fields of logistics and transportation. A career in logistics offers significant insight into the diversity that exists within current industry and provides students with a broad set of transferrable, highly functional skills.

Whether pursuing a career in International Logistics or specialising in General Management, the vast majority of professionals require a thorough understanding of technology, staffing, operational process and corporate infrastructure.

Those enrolled on our MSc in International Logistics will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of these key areas, in addition to investigating the factors affecting current Logistics and Supply Chain Management using both theoretical and industry-based sources. The course covers topics as diverse as multi-channel retailing, sustainable distribution and disaster relief, providing students with training on a range of areas which is not only broad but also topical.

    The Masters in International Logistics aims to:

  • Develop proactive managers
  • Allow students to study both local and multinational companies’ supply chains
  • Provide career progression opportunities
  • Use students’ existing knowledge as a foundation for the development of Masters Level skills
  • Develop students’ understanding of logistics management issues, problems and opportunities
  • Train students to transform theory into practice
  • Develop students’ research and critical thinking skills
  • Enhance students’ employability through the development of analytical skills and techniques

    Key areas of study include:

  • Managing operations
  • Project management
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Strategy
  • International logistics
  • Applied logistics
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Strategic issues in logistics