Study MSc Computing in the UK

    MSC Computing - Software Engineering

The current requirement for software which communicates effectively with a broad range of devices continues to drive the market for skilled professionals who are able to design, develop and analyse software. Our Software Engineering course allows students to explore software design in detail while developing their expertise in both research and analysis and undertaking their own individual thesis project in an area of their choice. All those enrolled on this course have unlimited access to modern facilities and enjoy constant exposure to our cutting-edge technology.

    MSc Computing – Internet Technology and Security

The importance of internet security products and services within today’s digital society has resulted in increasing demand for professionals with relevant knowledge and expertise in the design, management and implementation of secure internet applications. The University of Northampton’s MSc in Internet Technology and Security is designed to equip all students with such skills while providing the opportunity to become a specialist in a field that is both highly lucrative and popular among businesses worldwide. While primarily maintaining a technological focus, our course also offers insight into the corporate sphere and supports the development of interpersonal skills which are invaluable in numerous professional environments.

    MSc Computing – Computer Networks Engineering

Despite its technological focus, our MSc in Computer Networks Engineering provides students with an awareness of trends within professional environments and the importance of their roles within the greater corporate whole. The programme integrates the latest vendor-specific curriculum, enabling students to achieve professional qualifications such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Those enrolled on the course also have the chance to undertake their own individual investigation projects in an area of their choice; such projects culminate in the submission of a thesis.