Study MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy

    Specialise in Occupational Therapy

A flexible programme which allows students to complete a profession-specific award at their own pace, our MSc in Advanced Occupational Therapy provides numerous opportunities for both personal and academic development at postgraduate, post-registration level (M Level). This course aims to broaden the horizons of students’ understanding of the delivery of health and social care; all students are encouraged to reflect on the current practice environment in order to consider the wider issues which impact on service delivery.

    Study and work with professionals

The University of Northampton has tailored this course carefully to ensure that it enables occupational therapy postgraduate candidates to study a focused programme which culminates in a recognised award in their preferred professional area. Where appropriate, students share their learning experience with practitioners from other professions, thus allowing them to deepen their understanding not only of their own roles, but also of those present across other disciplines; such insight facilitates the exploration of effective means of collaboration.

    What you will study

The five compulsory modules comprise:

  • Research methods in health and social care
  • Dissertation
  • Occupation for occupational therapist
  • Current issues for occupational therapists
  • Advanced skills for therapists

Students may also choose two designated/optional modules from a wide range of professional areas. Examples of such topics include:

  • Enabling person centred rehabilitation
  • Forensic mental health care
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Leadership: the people challenge
  • Managing advanced professional practice
  • Pain