Study Masters in International Relations in the UK

    MA International Relations at the University of Northampton

A dynamic field of intellectual inquiry with significant global importance, the study of International Relations promises fascinating interdisciplinary exploration of human interaction. The University of Northampton’s new MA programme in this field has been designed for individuals from diverse academic backgrounds who wish to discover and comprehend the core issues and approaches influencing international relations post-9/11.

    Your future in International Relations

We are keen to accept students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and do not expect all students to have the same level of expertise or experience; rather than encouraging students’ specialisation within a particular subject area, we aim to complement their existing knowledge and develop their transferrable skills. This course supports students’ fostering of intellectual skills which will facilitate their informed participation in today’s ‘ever-shrinking’ global society.

    Typical modules include:

  • Core Course: International Relations Theory (x2)
  • The Peoples' Republic of China: Foreign Policy Dilemmas
  • US-UK Special Relationship
  • Political Economy of East Africa Development
  • European Integration
  • Media, Culture and Politics in the Middle East
  • International Politics of Central Asia
  • Methodology and Research Design in International Relations
  • Research Methods for International Relations
  • Dissertation