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Developed not only for recent graduates but also for teachers and professionals operating within the education sector, the University of Northampton’s MA Education programme provides numerous opportunities for participants to enhance their practice by drawing on previous experiences while engaging in detailed analysis of established procedures.

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Specifically, the course aims to extend students’ understanding of learning, teaching, educational issues and leadership within children’s services. Fundamental to a number of modules is the practice of ‘shared enquiry’, which enables participants to engage with other professional colleagues and researchers in order to formulate critical approaches to enquiry within practical education.

Our assessment procedures are flexible and, importantly, sensitive to existing professional workloads where applicable; typically, assessment can be based around aspects of work which are taking place within the participant’s school or professional environment at the time.

The course comprises a range of modules which focus upon professional and theoretical interest; typical options include:

  • Special and Inclusive Education
  • Early Years Education
  • Mathematics