Study MA Education Management and Leadership

    Specialise in Education Management and Leadership

This programme, which has been designed specifically for managers and leaders who operate within settings ranging from schools and government offices to NGOs, allows its students to explore the nature of management and leadership in a variety of educational contexts. Study Support Groups aid students’ progress by acting as a source of structured, objective advice relating to assignments and workload while encouraging the development of communication skills.

    What you will study

Aspects of management and leadership covered during the course of the programme include:

  • Distributed leadership and communities of practice
  • School evaluation and improvement
  • Leadership in international situations
  • Coaching and mentoring

In addition to studying the aforementioned areas, students are also granted the flexibility to choose and explore a specific aspect of leadership in depth and submit their evaluation in the form of a thesis.

  • Perspectives on Leadership (30 credits)
  • Approaches to Leadership (30 credits)
  • Coaching and Mentoring (30 credits)
  • Research Methods (30 credits)
  • Thesis (60 credits)